Where Catherine Stands on Issues


Governor Nikki Haley selected Catherine Templeton to be South Carolina Secretary of Labor because the Governor needed someone who would stick up for jobs and defend our right to work. Governor Haley knew that Catherine had backbone and would be relentless for South Carolina jobs!

Catherine Templeton wants South Carolina to be #1 in the South for new jobs. That means creating a business climate that attracts the manufacturing and high tech jobs that would normally go to Georgia and North Carolina.

Her background in business, manufacturing and labor issues makes Catherine the best candidate for creating the environment we need to take our state’s jobs to the next level; more jobs, high wages, a competitive market for South Carolina workers.

Whether it’s fighting for new roads and infrastructure, keeping taxes low or taking on the liberal unions, Catherine won’t back down.


South Carolina is number one in criminal domestic violence and that hits at the very heart of our families.  We have to put families first through the church, our schools, and our communities.


Education is local, but the state and federal government hold a lot of the money. Let’s get it to the kids. Let’s let the teachers teach and the principals lead and when each child of South Carolina is finished, let’s make sure they can support themselves, and one day their own children.


Catherine Templeton believes EVERY life is precious… especially the tiniest.

Catherine is 100% pro-life and will always stick up for the unborn. She knows that every life has a purpose given to us from our Creator and must be defended.

As Governor, she’ll stand up for our conservative values and will not back down.


In South Carolina, we build soldiers! When it is time for them to come home, we have to embrace our heroes with a sense of community that recognizes the experiences our Veterans have had, supports what they need as civilians, and capitalizes on the unique skills they bring to the table.


When it comes to our 2nd Amendment rights, no candidate is stronger than Catherine Templeton. Like you, she believes government doesn’t have the right to tell the citizens of South Carolina how best to defend our families.

Catherine is a gun owner, carries a concealed weapons permit, and is a member of the NRA.

Additionally, she’s a supporter of The South Carolina CWP Program that promotes responsible gun ownership. In the program, applicants receive extensive training from a certified instructor and are taught everything from danger and threatening situation avoidance to proper and safe storage, along with all pertinent law—and, finally, many rounds of supervised operation of a firearm.

On guns—we can count on Catherine to stand up for our constitutional rights and protect our conservative values.


It’s time we fixed South Carolina’s roads.

For companies looking to expand or relocate to South Carolina, and families planning vacations, the condition of our roads is not just a budget item. It can be a reason to stay away.

Catherine Templeton’s top priority will be creating the infrastructure that propels South Carolina jobs. That means fixing pot holes, repaving high ways, replacing bridges and growing our ports. It’s imperative that South Carolina has what it needs to grow our economy and support our growing industries.

South Carolina can’t afford to not fix our roads. Every day we wait, the problem gets more expensive. If we kicked the can down the road… it’d likely fall into a pot hole.


Catherine Templeton is a fiscal conservative. She believes in less taxes, less government, and more freedom for South Carolina taxpayers.

In order to make South Carolina the best place to live, work and raise a family – we need to keep taxes low. Families and businesses thrive when they have the freedom to spend more of their own money.

When taxes are low – businesses and families thrive!

As governor, Catherine Templeton will fight tooth and nail for smart, conservative tax policies that will allow South Carolina to be the #1 job creator in the South.



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